It’s half past six. Time to hit the road. Together with a group of backpackers, I’m traveling to Darwin, where it’s nice and warm. Again I got asked to film an after movie for a tour-operator. The first two night were pretty cold, but it didn’t matter. Everyone was in a good mood for this new adventure. It felt so good to work and live in the rhythm of nature. Waking up during an amazing sunrise and going to bed under the stars.

After filming non stop, seeying the best parc and beaches, we arrived last Wednesday in Broome and it took a while before I was able to sleep in a normal bed. I missed the silence, the fresh air and even sleeping in a swag! But at the same time, I enjoyed the luxury of soap.

Making edits in the bus

Because we were driving almost non stop, I had to edit and photoshop in the bus. It became my new offfice. The best office I had so far though! Did you ever travel to Western Australia? Let me know what you enjoyed most. Ps, I’m still looking for interesting hosts in Brisbane and Sydney. Do you know anyone over there, please send me an email.