Digital nomad. Is it a dream lifestyle?

digital nomad

Digital nomad. Is it a dream lifestyle?

Wauw, what is happening? I opened my email. More than 500 invites on LinkedIn. Curious as I am I check my status updates. 260.000 views of my latest post about my life as a digital nomad. In this post, you see a video of me jumping off a cliff. Enjoying the view of Queenstown.

bungee jump queenstown

Bungee-swing in Queenstown

I had no idea this would happen when I uploaded it. Apparently, it got people’s attention. The text was written under it read; I’m homeless for two years. I live with the minimum in my suitcase. Two trousers, two shorts and three tops. My toiletries are less than the average male backpacker. Why? As a digital nomad, I prefer to spend my money on experiences. 

marleen hoftijzer


Why are we too scared to change?

What I noticed out of my inbox is that people called me brave. It made me think; if we want to change our lives, get out of the hamster wheel, why is no one ready to give up their comfort zone. Too scared of the unknown?. 

digital nomad

But after three days I was brave enough to tell the trough. I posted another picture. A selfie which I took after the bungeeswing when I had to hike down. By myself. Because there was no one to share this moment with. 

I choose to travel alone. But feeling lonely is not what I want. But it happens to digital nomads and no one talks about it. It’s not cool to admit and doesn’t fit our fancy social media updates. 

Living in the ultimate freedom. Does it make me happy?

Living in freedom makes me scared, sometimes. For a while I struggle with the question; always traveling without having a home base, but having all the freedom in the world, will it make me happier in the long term?

Can we live like nomads without being surrounded by your family members and friends?

digital nomad

Sometimes I hate to live out of my suitcase, the need to negotiate with taxi drivers and sitting for hours in a small van. 

Two days after my bungee-swing I got a call from my brother. Congratulations, you just became an auntie! So that made me decide to come back. For now. Will I travel again? I don’t know. I still have some items to cross on my bucket list. But I’m glad to able to say; mum, I’m coming home.

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