Filming The Nullarbor in South Australia

Filming The Nullarbor in South Australia

I’m standing under the shower. Om my god, that feels so good. For my latest film job, I had to sleep in a swag (again). This Australian sleeping bag almost feels like home now. I love seeing the stars while falling asleep but it was unusually cold the last few weeks.

The Nullarbor; an undiscovered beauty

This time I traveled all the way from Perth to Adelaide to work for Nullarbor Travellers. I never met a tourist traveling through The Nullarbor in South Australia. But I must admit, this is one of my favorite trips so far. Why? Because it has the same magnificent coastline as the Great Ocean Road but not so crowded. It’s an undiscovered region (most backpackers travel the Eastcoast and Central Australia to visit Uluru.

How to find work in Australia?

Lately, I got questions about how I find these filming jobs in Australia. And my answer is pretty simple; It works the same as home. You have to know the right people working in your branche. Tour agents refer me to the media managers of tour operators or the owners when it’s a smaller company. I show them my portfolio and we set up a contract and a shotlist.

Editing while traveling

Once I finished the tour, I start to edit the videos right away. Sometimes even in the bus to have an idea what shots I’m missing. I prefer to finish up all the edits before joining a new tour. It takes a while to back up all the footage, put it online and inform all the travelers about the material. And also, I need to rest myself at least for one day! So in general it takes a week to finalize one video.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my latest travelvideo! Check out my blog about my upcoming travelplans! See ya in New Zealand!