Flying in a helicopter in the outback

Flying in a helicopter in the outback

When I decided to visit Australia, I knew I wanted to see the outback. My stay over at one of the farmers in the outback was really one of the best experiences of my life. Fred and his family live in Alpha, a tiny town two hours away from Emerald. It took some effort to get there, but since Fred flew me around in his helicopter, so no regrets here!

One of the biggest farm in Queensland

His farm contains 45.000 cattle’s. To muster the cattle’s Fred flies around in the chopper and his workers drive on bikes. I was really interesting to see how Fred runs his farm when you live so isolated. His young daughters get homeschooling. To run this big company the family gets help from a teacher, a cook, a cleaning lady and four and workers.

Next stop

At this moment I’m writing down all the stories of the last few months for my book. Today I will travel up to Cairns to take later this month a flight to Perth. Until January 2019 I will stay ‘down under’, but the next destination is New Zealand. Do you know any cool houses, please let me know!

Check out the video I made of Fred.