My life as a Digital Nomad in Australia

My life as a Digital Nomad in Australia

I’m walking through the streets of Brunswick Heads. A woman is passing by, singing out loud on her bicycle. When I cross a bridge I see a boy leaning on the edge; “you jump first”,  says the boy to his friend. They jump and scream out of joy. I look at Sandy and say: “this place makes me so happy. The locals here are just so relaxed”. With our laptops under our arm, we’re heading home…back to work on our businesses.

Sandy: “it feels like we are  co-working together”. Me: Yeah, you’re right, and I look around at this great ‘office’. I have so much more energy when I’m surrounded by other digital nomads. Sandy studies and works in Australia for a couple of years now. We met on facebook until she invited me over to her place.

I wanted to share more about my digital nomad life in Australia, but I was not sure what I wanted to share. But lately, it seems that all the pieces are falling together (how to find balance my life) so I decided to write an article about it.

How do I find work as a digital nomad?

Video is becoming more and more important and even that Australia is a little behind in social media marketing, I’m finding enough clients. But how do you find these jobs? Before I said goodbye to my mum and dad in the Netherlands, I did a lot of research online. I prefer to have contact with a local who knows how the market. So, I called with Lisanna from Dutchies Travel and she got me in contact with the persons of some tour operators. Within two weeks after my arrival, I went on the first trip. With that footage, I was able to show a portfolio to other companies.

Why I’m so restless?

Since two weeks, I’m back from an amazing trip to Western Australia and I didn’t know what to do next. My agenda was empty and I felt so restless. Why can’t I be satisfied and just enjoy my free time? Being ambitious is a blessing and curse at the same time. Because of my ambition, I end up at places I never would imagine.

But by being ambitious, you’re never satisfied.

Some of my friends can enjoy themselves, without feeling the need to do something. I guess I’m not like that. Even I promised myself taking a break after ending up in the hospital with nerve pain caused by stress. Nowadays I learned how to live in a flow.

For example last week Sandy told me that I could stay over for two more days in Brunswick Heads. I didn’t had a new place to crash and I didn’t find a new job. Until Sandy got a new housesitting gig and I was able to join in. That same week I got asked to do the marketing on a resort on an island! I start on Monday. Everything is coming to pieces and I was restless for nothing, so are we just too scared to live without control?