As you could read in my previous post, I’ve been working for a tour operator for the last few weeks. The trip was intense, but amazing! What I learned it that you don’t need much in life to be happy. Our tour guide, for example, doesn’t even own shoes. He lives without a house, there is no internet during the trip and no electronic entertainment to distract yourself. He says; all you need is in life a group of people, good food and a campfire.

Ended up in Darwin

I only had one day off in Darwin, before taking a flight to Brisbane. While traveling to the airport I received a text message. Your flight has been canceled. I was swearing because I was tired and the flight attendant told me that I could leave four days later on the next flight. “Four days? Are you kidding me?”

“But no worries madam, you can book a hotel for 120 dollars a night on our costs”, she said. Spontaneously I got the biggest smile ever. I can use some luxury and rest. One hour later I felt down on my kingsize bed and paid 119 dollars a night. Not a bad pick huh?

I discovered the nightlife of Darwin, swum in the pool every day and worked on my edits. Darwin stole my heart. What a perfect ending to this adventure!