Back from a world trip, and now what?

Back from a world trip, and now what?

Last week, my transfer to Utrecht Central gave me a reversed culture shock. Everyone seemed to be in a rush or stare at their mobiles. Blocked out from the world and living in a bubble. One thing I learned from my world trip is to experience life instead of scrolling through others on social media.

Afraid of being restless

“How is it to be back?” everyone is aking me. It great to see friends and family and sleep in my own bed. But I’m also scared. Scared to get restless again. The feeling I’m getting stuck in the rat race like everyone else seemed to be at Utrecht Central Station.

Living alone?

This May, I’m moving back to my apartment. Thinking about moving back gives me a strange feeling. As a freelancer, I struggle with being alone.  Over the last two years, I was always surrounded by others. So, can I still live alone? Or perhaps I should ask myself, do I still wanna get back to the same situation?

Back to work after a world trip

Travelers struggle often getting back to ‘real life’. For me, as a digital nomad, it’s not that hard. I love my job and I always continued my filming jobs abroad. But there is one thing I will miss; contact with internationals, speaking in a different language and learning from other cultures.

I remember a club night in Sydney. Me and six Kenyans went to a reggae party. The club was packed out with Africans, Asians and Indians. There was no majority. Or a minority. The uplifting beats brought us together. Three of my international friends will come and visit me in the Netherlands and I’m can’t wait to see them. If hosting gives me so much energy, why not doing it more often?

So I made a decision. This year my house will be open for travelers. If I can’t travel the world, why not bringing the world to my home? I hope this will help me settle down. Because I also noticed that a need a base. A place that I can call home.

What’s on my schedule?

As you perhaps know, I’m working on my book “Can I come over?” From 6 June, my crowdfunding starts. Everyone who donates can expect something back. For example; someone will be picked out to go with me on a trip, to stay over at a stranger. To experience how it is to stay over at a local.

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